How to install Renesas' e2studio Software Development Tool for S3A7 IOT Board

This blog shows how to install e2studio for S3A7 IOT board. Renesas provided the procedures that are necessary to install both e2 studio and SSP (Synergy Software Package) version 1.1.3. I include the images to walk through the process of the installation so that it can be easier to follow the procedures.

The reason why we cannot use the original e2studio link in SmartChef tutorial is that the e2 studio has been upgraded with SSP version 1.2 while the board firmware remains to be compatible with SSP version 1.1.3 . So, we need to install differently to override the default SSP setting. Otherwise, e2 Studio cannot build SmartChef firmware.

Basic Overview:

Step 1: Install e2studio (

Step 2: Install SSP (1.1.3).

Step 3: Get a new evaluation license (only if you have encountered a license error when you build your project.)

Step 4: Build your project.

Original link to the forum discussion.

Step 1: Install e2studio

Dowload the e2studio install file. (

Run the install file. Select Renesas Synergy Devices for Device Families.

Select the following choices for extra components.

Select Renesas Snergy under optional components. Then, click the next button.

Select GCC ARM Embedded 4.9 2015q3 for Additional Software. Then, click the next button.

Click the box to accept the license agreement. Then, click the next button.

Review the summary. Make sure that e2 studio version, Renesas Synergy, GCC ARM compiler are to be installed. Click the install button.

Click the install button when Windows asks for permission to install the device software for security purpose.

Click Finish button.

Congratulation! e2studio is installed successfully.

Step 2: Install SSP (1.1.3)

Get the SSP install file. (

Press the run button.

Press the next button.

Press the install button. Use the default location.

Open e2studio software. Press the register button.

Step 3: Choose new license.

If you have trouble with the default license, you may want to seek help to get a new license. After you have downloaded a new license, you can select this new license.

Select Synergy License under Help Menu.

This is the default license that comes with e2studio.

Browse for the location of your new e2studio license.

Step 4: Build your project.

Assume that your project has already been created from smartchef example and you have generated project content. (if not, see this tutorial.)

Build your project.

Congratulation! It is built successfully. You can safely ignore 5 warnings as well as the warning on SSP version. The GPIO.srec under Debug folder can be loaded into the IOT board now using Jlink.




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