Smart Chef IOT Demo (Part 1): How is the recipe step loaded into the cloud in the beginning?

Renesas S3A7 Fast IOT prototype kit has a great cooking demo that shows how the hardware can follow the steps in a recipe to cook something for you. So, you can ask to run a steak recipe, and the cloud sends a set of steps to S3A7 board to complete the task for you. It seems simple enough.

How does the cloud get the recipe in the beginning? This blog shows how recipe is loaded and prepared in the beginning.

1. Setup: Get two critical data events

After the smart chef project is created by you, two data events are sent to the project. It is probably done with a curl command by Renesas. Both data events belong to Recipes stream category.

So, you can look at these two events by Data Viewer --> DataStreams --> Recipes Processed.

1st data event: Recipe name ("steak") and steps ("start", "preheat 100",...).

{ "timestamp": "2017-05-24T21:02:48.521Z", "recipes": { "recipe": { "steps": [ "start", "pre-heat 100", "open lid", "cook 7min", "turn off" ], "name": "steak" } }, "user": "device" }

2nd data event: A list of recipe steps with rules (ie Temp > 90) and procedures (ie Set Temp to 100). If the steak recipe has 5 steps, the list of recipe steps should also have all 5 steps too. Below is the partial rules of "pre-heat 100" step.

{ "set": "Set Temp to 100", "name": "pre-heat 100", "get": [ "temperature", "proximity", "air_quality" ], "complete_rules": [ { "greater_than": 90, "less_than": 130, "sensor": "temp", "message": "Pre-heated & ready" } ], "max_alerts": 2, "abort_rules": [ { "greater_than": 130, "message": "Too hot!", "sensor": "temp" }, ....

2. Load 2nd data event into Store

When the 2nd data event arrives, this data event (recipes.step) immediately triggers "Store Recipe Steps" workflow to run. The purpose of this work flow is to copy all the rules and procedures of each step into Store (a storage place in Medium One cloud). So, the rules and procedures will be ready when you want to run the recipe.

3. Select Recipe to run

When you enter the name of the recipe ("steak") into box in the dashboard, it create event which triggers "Select Recipe" work flow to process your entry.

First, the work flow searches for the rules and procedures of the first step in Store. Remember that the rules and procedures have already been saved in Store. Once the work flow finds them, it begins sending messages to the LCD display on S3A7. Otherwise, it will notify you that steps are not found.




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