Smart Chef IOT Demo (Part 2): How do these Recipe workflows work together?

Three Recipe Workflow: Select Recipe, Recipe Flow, Process Sensor Rules

Function Description:

1. Select Recipe :

It is triggered by user's It sets up the user choice of recipe and gets it ready to run. Some configurations are setting the running mode on, initializing the current step to 1st step, and sending the notification message to both LCD display and phone app. Finally, it sets recipe.start to true in order to execute the next work flow ("Recipe Flow").

current_recipe = recipe[0] # the steak recipe current_recipe['running'] = True # run mode is enabled current_recipe['start_time'] = time.time() # the start time of each step current_recipe['current_step'] = 0 # the first step current_recipe['first_pass'] = True # set first time true for each step current_recipe['alerts'] = 0 # Alert count

2. Recipe Flow:

It is triggered by recipe.start. Its job is to set up which sensors (sensors[sensor names]) need to be called for the current step. It will send the message of the current step to the LCD display and phone app. When the last step is performed, it will end the recipe run and notify the user that everything is done.

It is also triggered every minute by a schedule timer. It is used to check whether the user has not responded to the recipe's request within 5 minutes elapsed time or not. If the timer has expired, the Flow will abort the recipe run.

if current_step == len(steps): # the last step is done. # done log("done, recipe: " + str(recipe)) recipe['running'] = False recipe['current_step'] = 0 recipe['first_pass'] = True notification['message'] = "Great job, you're done!" else: log("first_pass: " + str(recipe['first_pass'])) if recipe['first_pass'] == True: notification['message'] = steps.get(recipe_steps[current_step],{}).get('set', "") recipe['first_pass'] = False

log("processing sensors to read") sensor_to_read = steps.get(recipe_steps[current_step],{}).get('get', []) sensors = {} for sensor in sensor_to_read: sensors[sensor] = True log(sensors) if len(sensors.keys()) > 0: log("sending read request to sensor_read stream") IONode.set_output('out1', sensors)

3. Process Sensor Rules

When the sensor readings are available, it process the data against the rule of the recipe step. If any violation of the rule such as exceeded temperature range or expired warning timer, it will send a warning message out. If the abort timer has expired, it will send a abort message out.

If the rule has been met within the required time, it will move forward to the next recipe step and it sets recipe.start to true in order to execute the next work flow ("Recipe Flow").

for rule in complete_rules: r, m = process_rule(rule) if r: msg = msg + m if r: # r = true if rules are met. recipe['current_step'] = current_step + 1 # go to next step recipe['start_time'] = time.time() # set a new time for next step recipe['first_pass'] = True # clear first pass flag recipe['alerts'] = 0 # clear alerts IONode.set_output('out3', {"start": True}) # trigger to set up next

# recipe step with Recipe Flow

Workflow's flow chart:




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