Basic Tutorials (Timer, Interrupt, GPIO, ADC, Watch Dog Timer, QPI Flash Memory) for Renesas S5D9 IO

Project Goals

  • Learn to configure ports for GPIO, PWM, ADC, QPI Flash.

  • Learn to generate the drivers for Timer, Input Interrupt, ADC, Watch Dog Timer, QPI Flash read/write

  • How to set up the hardware for testing.


Renesas S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit


1. Renesas E2 Studio Tool version

2. Renesas SSP version 1.30

3. S5D9 IOT ENABLER pack file


1.The Jlink debugger board (included in S3A7 kit or purchase from SeeedStudio)

2. LED and 470 resistor

3. Push Button

4. Servo Motor


1. E2 Studio Installation. For this tutorial, use E2 Studio version and SSP version1.30. (IOT Community page)

2. Blinkey Example with E2 Studio and Jlink Flash (IOT Community) - Need to know how to configure pins/thread.

3. Simple C language coding skill.

Tutorial examples

1. S5D9 lab led loop - on board LED

2. S5D9 lab led timer - on board LED

3. S5D9 lab led timer interrupt - on board LED

4. S5D9 lab GPIO input (interrupt) - PMOD port, external push button and LED/resistor

5. S5D9 lab PWM - PMOD port, Servo Motor

6. S5D9 lab WDT (timer) - on board LED

7. S5D9 lab ADC MIC USBX Float - on board microphone

8. S5D9 lab QPI Flash - on board Micron's QPI NOR Flash Memory


Here is the link to the Github repository where documents and Synergy project files are available to download. The project files are zipped in a zip file.





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