Add ADC to S5D9 IOT board

Project Goals

  • Learn to connect a popular 4 channels ADC Module to the 3.3V S5D9 IOT board.

  • Examples show how to connect it to either grove A (r_sci_i2c port) or B (r_iic port).

  • Examples show either configuration with and without using framework.

Project Description

This board has two grove headers. Grove B is an IIC port while grove A is an SCI port. You creates r_iic driver for the IIC port and r_sci_i2c for the SCI port.

6 examples are included in this tutorial.

  1. Grove B / r_iic driver (only for the fast speed mode) *

  2. Grove B / framework with r_iic driver

  3. Grove A / r_sci_i2c driver

  4. Grove A / framework with r_sci_i2c driver

  • Because r_iic has some issue for standard speed mode. Two possible workaround examples are included.

  1. Grove B / r_iic driver / method 1 with busy bit check

  2. Grove B / r_iic driver / method 2 with busy bit check

Both examples check for the hardware busy bit before the code starts the next i2c transmission. The above examples are are done with limited testing. At this point, this ADC component seem to work well with these workaround solutions.


1. Renesas E2 Studio Tool version

2. Renesas SSP version 1.30

3. S5D9 IOT ENABLER pack file

Hardware Ports for this project

Hardware Part:

ADC module ADS1015 12-Bit ADC - 4 Channel with Programmable Gain Amplifier


After downloading the project file, use import function in E2 Studio to stream the project into your workspace directory.




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