Avnet Visible Things IOT Gateway: PMOD port examples (GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART)

Project Goals

  • Learn how to configure and use the PMOD ports on the 3.3V S7G2 based Avnet IOT Gateway board. There are 6 PMOD ports available for many different kinds of configurations supported by Digilent Inc for expanding the functions of the board for your IoT applications. These examples teach you how to configure different bus settings for the powerful Renesas Synergy platform. The examples are developed with the popular ThreadX RTOS that comes free with Renesas E2 Studio.


1. Renesas E2 Studio Tool version Version:

2. Renesas SSP version 1.2.0

3. gw002_rev1_3 board file


1. Avnet Visible Things IOT Gateway. It is based on Renesas Synergy MCU (S7G2). Link to Avnet web page.

2. LEDs (red, green).

3. Potentiometer.

3. Adafruit I2C ADS1015 Analog to Digital Converter Module. (Link to Adafruit web page)

4. Adafruit USB to UART Converter Cable. (Link to Adafruit web page)

5. Renesas SPI BMC150 Module.

Hardware Setup for The Combined Example #6

In example 6, you can see the sensor reading from Putty Serial Terminal.

Example Listing

1. gw002_example_gpio_12pin_rtos_v1b.zip - GPIO Type 1, 12 pins (how to set pins as input or output pins)

2. gw002_example_gpio_6pin_rtos_v1a.zip - GPIO Type 1, 6 pins (how to set pins as input or output pins)

3. gw002_example_i2c_rtos_v1e.zip - I2C 4 pins (read the voltage level from a potentiometer)

4. gw002_example_spi_rtos_v1a.zip - SPI Type 2 6 pins (read xyz, and device ID)

5. gw002_example_uart_rtos_v1d.zip - UART Type 4, 6 pins (Print the PMOD2 input pattern on PC serial term)

6. gw002_example_gpio_i2c_spi_uart_v1h.zip - Combine GPIO, SPI, I2C and UART examples together


After downloading the project file, use import function in E2 Studio to stream the project into your workspace directory.






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